Draftworx automates the drafting of financial statements in compliance with applicable standards such as IFRS, IFRS SME, FRS as well as your countries Companies Act. We also specialise in Assurance Engagement Working Papers from Compilation to Independent Review to Audit and more!

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Scales with your Practice

in the Cloud or on your Desktop

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    1. Create entity

    Specify the entity type with the appropriate framework template.

  • 02

    2. Capture TB

    Import trial balance directly from your accounting sysytem, or via Excel.

  • 03

    3. Link TB

    Categorise your TB. In most cases we will automatically categorise it.

  • 04

    4. Open Financials

    We will automatically calculate your SoFP, SoCI, SoCE, CFlow and open applicable Accounting Policies and Notes.

  • 05

    5. Letterhead

    Activate your letterhead and other cosmetic enhancements to make your financials uniquely yours.

  • 06

    6. Finalise

    Print preview to PDF or send for Digital Signatures. We apply automated page breaks, indexing, landscape/portrait layouts and much more.

Automate your financials

Draftworx comes with advanced category coding for your trial balance. We call them links and there is a link for every type of transaction or account balance.

Simply allocate the links to your trial balance and, presto, we automate your Balance Sheet (SoFP), Income Statement (SoCI), Equity (SoCE), Cash Flow, and even open applicable Accounting Policies and Notes that have balances in your financials.

What can be better news than that? Well, if you are using a supported accounting system, we automatically link your trial balance for you. All linking whether automated from import, or manually assigned, carries forward automatically for next year's financials. That's right, the 2nd year on Draftworx is even faster!

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Engagement Compliance

Compilation to Audit and everything inbetween! Draftworx is a compliance arsenal and covers international and country specific standards. The available working papers include:

  • Audit (ISA)
  • Audit and Audit Exempt (UKI)
  • Independent Review (ISRE2400)
  • Compilations (ISRS4410)
  • Agreed Upon Procedures (ISRS4400)
  • Accounting Officer, Legal Practitioner (ZA)

Our Audit Working Papers will assist you to make risk assessments of material misstatements at the financial statement and assertion levels, based on your understanding of the entity and its environment, including internal controls. RAC (Risk Assessment per Component), our premier audit methodology, breaks down the inherent complexities of a risk-based audit approach into an easy to understand, streamlined & automated process that will allow you to leverage your planning processes better than ever before to ensure that you neither over-audit, nor miss appropriately addressing an identified risk.

  • Scalable Risk
  • Cycle based
  • Sampling made easy

Cloud, Desktop or in between (with WebSync)

Due to the design of the software, Cloud and Desktop client files can be moved between either platform with ease. Prefer the power and unlimited nature of Desktop, but with the storage and collaborative power of the Cloud? WebSync fills that gap.

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XBRL Taxonomy

Embedded XBRL! Our IFRS/IFRS SME templates are pre linked to the XBRL Taxonomy allowing for a 5-minute submission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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No, Cloud is pay-as-you-use. You only pay for the entities you create

Draftworx Cloud allows unlimited users.

Draftworx Desktop is licensed per user per annum.

Draftworx Cloud is charged per client file you create.

You can create unlimited client files per licensed Draftworx Desktop user.

We offer free one on one training on various Draftworx topics via Book a Demo..

Request a quote here for Draftworx Desktop, or create your Draftworx Cloud account free of charge here

Yes, you can import a Trial Balance directly from most of the popular accounting applications, including FNB Instant Accounting, Pastel Partner, Pastel Xpress, Sage Evolution, Sage Business Cloud, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Xero and CaseWare. Draftworx also supports direct imports from Excel if you have a client using any other accounting application. Simply export the trial balance to Excel and import into Draftworx using the Spreadsheet import option.

New Draftworx Cloud accounts come with complimentary credit to either test or produce your first few financials on us!

Draftworx Desktop allow for a 14 day trial period.

The Draftworx support team is available through one of the following channels:

Remote support. This instant chat facility is located within the Draftworx program, for easy access and instant assistance.

Or you may choose to email us on support@draftworx.com

Call us on UK +44 203 150 0724 or ZA: +27 (0)861 51 52 53